soy beans, edamame

Roasted Edamame Beans

What you need:

2 cups organic edamame beans
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt

What you do:

Place beans in bowl, drizzle with olive oil, add about 1-2 tsp of sea salt. Toss to coat. Place on parchment paper in 375 deg oven for about 40min or until edamame are golden brown. Stir at halfway point. Let cool and enjoy.


Edamame beans are high in protein and fiber, and good source of vitamin C, magnesium, iron, calcium and Vit B6.

To keep your energy and blood sugar stable all day it’s important that your meals and snacks contain some protein.

Let me know how you make these…I might try sprinkling nutritional yeast over next time – give them a yummy cheesy flavor

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