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    7 simple ways to reduce the frequency & severity of
    hot flashes & night sweats

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70% of women will experience a hot flash during their perimenopause & post-menopause years.

They disrupt sleep, make daily activities challenging & affect our self-esteem.

  • We likely can’t avoid them completely but there are things we can do to reduce them

  • Learn 7 easy and proven ways to extinguish the heat

  • Begin to feel like yourself without the anxiety of breaking out in a sweat during a meeting, while cooking dinner or just watching a movie

  • Hot flashes are the body’s way to regulate the internal temperature of the body

  • Fluctuations in hormones cause a disruption in the thermoregulatory areas of the body resulting in the hot flash

  • They occur differently for many women from extreme or mild heat starting in the chest & moving up the face to extreme sweating all over the body or even cold chills


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