I should’ve taken a before and after picture.  The pot as it was stewing was so beautiful and smelled even better!

Rhubarb Strawberry & Apple Compote

It’s rhubarb season!  Growing up I remember this time of year heading into my grandparents huge garden and snapping off a piece of fresh rhubarb from the ever expansive rhubarb plant that seems to feed the whole neighbourhood.  If you were like me, I’d take the stalk of rhubarb dip it in sugar and have a sweet & sour snack!

Today, living in a condo, access to fresh rhubarb is not as easy as heading out to the backyard, but my dear co-worker was a doll and brought me a bag full of fresh cut stalks from her garden!  We’ve all heard the evils of refined sugar and truthfully, I can’t see myself chewing on a stalk like I did back then anyway, so this recipe is sugar-free!   …but oh so good!  Sweetened naturally with apple and strawberries.

What you need:

2-3 cups chopped rhubarb
1 chopped organic apple
7-8 large organic strawberries
Cinnamon to sprinkle on top

What you do:

Add everything to a pot, place on low heat and let all the fruit stew together until soft!   That’s it!

How to enjoy?

Add to your oatmeal in the morning to give it that fresh new tangy sweetness!

Use as topping on your pancakes …yam pancakes!

Busy weekday breakfast?  Add some compote to your dried granola, jump in the car or bus & by the time your reach work the granola will be softened perfectly.

Add a few nuts and seeds to a bowl of compote for the perfect protein rich afternoon snack.

Share below how you would enjoy this compote!